Job Openings


THE CITY OF LONG BEACH, MS is now accepting applications for the position of Fire Fighter Recruit (Minimum Age 18). Apply M-F, 10-5 at City Hall, located at 201 Jeff Davis Ave.  Accepting applications thru October 30, 2018 - 5:00 p.m.  Applications are available on the City Website, but must be mailed or hand delivered.

Employment Information

To submit an application to the City of Long Beach Civil Service Commission the following items are required: (application link located at bottom of page) 

  • Recent un-mounted full face photograph (passport size) 
  • Copy of your birth certificate (minimum age for FD employment is 18 years old)
  • Your fingerprints on an official fingerprint card (obtained through the police department, sheriff's office or highway patrol) 
  • Copy of your DD-214, if prior service 
  • Copy of your high school diploma
  • Copy of current valid Driver's license  
  • Copy of your social security card. 



If any of the above requirements are not included in your application package your application will be declared ineligible.


 Your application will stay on file in the Civil Service Office for one (1) year, if a position that you've applied for becomes vacant within that year you will be notified.

Recruit Physical Agilities Requirements

For 2014 the Physical Agilities requirements for Entry-level fire candidates is the following:

1.  1.5 mile walk/run in fourteen minutes or less.  

2.  35- bent-knee sit ups within 2 minutes.  Arms are to be folded against the chest, knees are to be flexed, and a spotter will hold the feet.  

3.  25- push ups within 1.5 minutes.  These are to be performed without returning to an "at rest" position on the floor.

4.  A sit and reach test in which a score of 11" or greater must be achieved.

5.  Search a maze, following an assigned search pattern while wearing a blacked out mask, gloves, and protective helmet.

6.  While wearing a 50 lb. vest and additional 25 lb. shoulder weights, the candidate will walk 4 minutes without stopping or stepping off a treadmill at moderate speed with slight incline.  Candidate will wear the 50 lb vest for the remainder of the events but will have the 25 lb shoulder weights removed immediately after exiting treadmill.  

7.  Climb up and down a 24' extension ladder twice.

8.  Using an 8 lb. hammer, the applicant shall strike a steel object until reaching determined destination.

9.  Drag a simulated victim weighing at least 150 lbs. a distance of 75'.

10. Connect 100' of 1.75" fire hose to a fire hydrant, then drag the charged hose to a designated location, operate the nozzle to flow water for 30 seconds, and return the nozzle to the starting position.

*These skills may be modified.  

**Please check your current Fire Dept application to verify current requirements.